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Jannis Maroscheck is a German designer. Besides his commissioned work in cultural and commercial fields, he is researching new and automated design processes in graphic design, form and image synthesis. His work has received awards from institutions such as TDC New York, Hong Kong Designers Association and Art Directors Club Germany. His books Shape Grammars (2020) and Latent Figures (2023) have been published by Slanted Publishers.

Latent Figures are computer generated shapes-in-between from the last 5000 years of graphic design. Foreign symbols that often approximate something we know or can understand, but their meaning doesn‘t quite want to resolve, they revolve around themselves, somewhere between meaning and nonsense.

You can buy "Latent Figures" at Slanted publisher here


Artist: Jannis Maroscheck, Berlin - Germany  

Title: Latent Figures Excerpt

Pool Board size: 615 x 405cm

Date: July 14, 2023 - August 26, 2023
Photo: Magdalena Gruber

Instagram: jannimaroscheck


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