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The stone stood, balancing precariously on a lone corner, defying gravity and capturing the attention of all who passed by. Its rough, weathered surface contrasted starkly against the pristine whiteness of the background. And the stone spoke, in a voice that echoed through the quietness of the space, reaching the ears of the people of Krefeld who had gathered to witness this marvel. It spoke of ducks, yes, ducks of all things. It quoted J. D. Salinger's beloved novel, Catcher in the Rye, with a wisdom that seemed incongruous for an inanimate object.


''I'm standing here, like a duck on a pond,'' the stone intoned, its voice resonating with Salinger's signature blend of irreverence and melancholy. ''But unlike those ducks, I'm not here to swim aimlessly. I'm here to catch your attention, dear people of Krefeld, to make you pause, to make you wonder. Take a look and perhaps what you'll see makes you question the laws of nature themselves.


The people of Krefeld were captivated, entranced by the enigmatic stone and its profound words. They couldn't help but be stirred by its audacity, its refusal to conform to the ordinary. It was as if the stone had taken on a life of its own, transcending its inert nature to become a symbol of rebellion and nonconformity. A reminder that sometimes, in the most unexpected places and in the most unlikely of forms, one could find inspiration, wisdom, and the power to challenge the status quo.

''So, dear people of Krefeld, who you are reading this text, heed the words of the stone, for it is not just a mere object but a symbol of defiance. Embrace the unexpected, question the norms, and dare to challenge the balance of the mundane, for it is in those moments that the true things happen.'' 

🪨💬 "Quak!"



Artist: Massimiliano Audretsch / Bern CH 

Title: „Just a s
tone in Krefeld“

Pool Board size: 615 x 405cm

Date: April 21, 2023 - June 22, 2023
Photo: Thomas Schoger


Instagram: @massimiliano_________audretsch 


Poolboard - stone in Krefeld  (8 von 25).jpg
Poolboard - stone in Krefeld  (12 von 25).jpg
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