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PINKDOM by Knit Pigment

PINK is a versatile color steeped in cultural and emotional significance. It embodies sweetness, love, and

tenderness in numerous cultures, providing psychological comfort. However, given its multitude of

shades—ranging from vibrant blueish pinks to softer, icily pale hues—PINK presents a paradox.


We explore interpreting our own variation of pink against our societal and environmental layers, redefin-

ing what pink means to us. Artists infuse their personal aection for pink, expressing how they perceive


and combine materials to create unique shades of pink.

Our pink narrative, fueled by artists' love for the color and their distinctive creative approaches, shows its

varied meanings to evoke emotions in both aesthetics and cultures. We encourage them to craft their

unique pink, one that has yet to exist in the world, presenting their pink essays to enrich their journey in

constructing their individual pink kingdom.

Knit Pigment’s first edition, PINKDOM, focuses on telling the stories of pink through artists: Sho Ota,

Pyeori Jung, and Sangmin Oh. The final collage works are created by Pim Top.

The exhibition is now at Rauch ospace (Krefeld, Germany) from 9th November till 8th December.



Knit Pigment curates immersive spaces that celebrate a vibrant, multi-sensory experience, showcasing

the diverse tapestry of colors surrounding us. Each edition creates a canvas inspiring and uniting our


We strive to dismantle barriers associated with diversity, cultures, and color stereotypes. Engaging artists

in conversations about colors fosters an open dialogue, connecting through their unique color stories.

Crucially, we bridge our community through our collective creativity. Inquiring about artists' distinctive

working methods and how they employ their hands in their craft allows us to observe their work and


Run by Ae Oce and Sangmin Oh.


3 Artists

Sho works with wood, Pyeori specializes in aluminum, and Sangmin focuses on textiles. With six years of

experience designing wooden furniture Sho Ota creates more collectible designs without the constraints

of eciency. Pyeori Jung expresses a solid aesthetic balance and translates enigmatic narratives into

practical ways of thinking. Sangmin Oh focuses on observing trivial and small empty spaces, aside from

spaces that are displayed amongst people's daily hectic movements.

Sho Ota:

Pyeori Jung:

Sangmin Oh:

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