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The Pool Board project offers the opportunity to co-design public spaces and showcase young artists by exhibiting their graphics in large formats. After the exhibition, the banner seemed to be left without purpose, which is why we decided to collaborate with the design duo Studio Pala from Düsseldorf to up-cycle them. Studio Pala consists of Alma Stauss and Pia Brockmann. Through this collaboration, amazing bags were created. Each bag is handmade, making them unique pieces created by the duo through cutting, cleaning, ironing, and sewing the banners together. The upcycled bags were made using the "Kusssi-Time" banner from Büro Bungalow.


Artist Banner: Büro Bungalow, Würzburg + Berlin - Germany

Title: Kusssi Time 

Material: 510g pvc banner (615 x 405cm)
Instagram: @buero_bungalow

Artist Bags: Studio Pala (Alma Stauss + Pia Brockmann), Düsseldorf - Germany
Upcycled Bags size: (s
mall 20x30cm / medium 30x40cm / big 45x40cm) 

Instagram: @studio.pala


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